Step 1 - Choose plan
Active projects/clients unlimited 100 40 15 7 4
Project categories unlimited 100 50 25 15 10
Project sub categories unlimited 1000 200 100 30 -
Try it for free for one month always free
Number of people unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
PDF reports -
Export to XLS/CSV - - -
SSL (secure connections) - - - -
Use this plan for: Companies and enterprises that need SSL security and unlimited projects and categories Reasonably large companies and teams that need SSL security and lots of categories Moderate businesses and enterprising professionals Small businesses or medium busy freelancers and contractors Part-time freelancers and contractors Simple personal use


Frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to be able to use 14Dayz?
    Since 14Dayz is a hosted online service all you need to use it are a PC or Mac with an internet connection and a web browser. Currently supported web browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 on Microsoft Windows, Firefox version 1.0.7, 1.5+ and 2.0 on Linux, Safari version 2.0.3 and Firefox version 1.0.7, 1.5+ and 2.0 on Apple Mac OS X.


  • Do I have to use PayPal to create my free plan? Do I need to enter my credit card details?
    You need a PayPal account to sign up for any paid plan. You do not need PayPal to apply for the free one project plan. The free plan is free, so you don't need a credit card.


  • Why do I need to buy a subscription over at PayPal to get my free trial? What if I don't like it?
    We use PayPal to handle our subscriptions and online payments. Don't worry PayPal knows about your one month free trial too. Your billing cycle will start at the end of your evaluation period. Cancel before the end of your free trial and you will not be billed.


  • What if I find out later I chose the wrong plan?
    No need to worry, you can change your plan to fit your needs any time. You can upgrade or even downgrade your account by going to the License chapter in 14Dayz and selecting a different plan.


  • Do I need to sign a contract or an agreement? Am I locked in for a year?
    14Dayz Plans are billed on a monthly basis. There is nothing to sign and you can cancel at any time. Just go to the License page in your 14Dayz account and press cancel. Your account is dropped and you won't be charged anymore.


  • What if I want to cancel, can I cancel at any time?
    Absolutely. If you don't like our service or it does not provide any value for you anymore you can de-activate all your projects and even downgrade to the free version and keep your data. Or you can cancel your License and all your data will be removed from the system and your account terminated. You will not be billed again.


  • Are you associated with PayPal in any way?
    Nope, we only use PayPal as our payment provider.


  • What about refunds?
    No refunds shall be given towards any plans. When you change your plan you'll be charged according to the new plan you chose in the next billing cycle.


  • Will I have to pay extra to upgrade half-way through the billing cycle?
    No, be our guest. At the next billing cycle you will be charged for the new plan only.


  • What if I have a complaint about payments?
    Please tell us immediately by sending an email to . We vow to work with you to resolve your complaints adamantly and quickly. Hassle free, remember? We'll work it out. However you can use PayPal payment resolution service if you feel we do not live up to our end of the bargain.


  • What if I have any other questions? What about support?
    Please contact with all your queries. We aim to respond as quickly as we can, but please allow for a maximum of 24 hours response time.