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If you do not have a simple system for filling out your time sheet every day you're losing money.

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We all know how much hassle it can be to fill out our time sheet every day.
If you're wondering why is there no simple tool that can help you fill out your time sheet, this might be the most important information you ever read. Time sheets are bothersome because the people who make them and the people who make other people fill them out have a different point of view from the people who are actually doing the work and the filling out of the time sheets. A time sheet needs to help you and NOT get in your way. What if your time sheet could actually help you? Would that be useful?

Wouldn't it be cool if your time sheet could:

  • keep track of exactly how much time you spend on each client, project and task WHILE you were working on it so you would not have to feel GUILTY about guessing what you were doing and how many time you spend last tuesday afternoon?
  • know what you worked on the past few days and AUTOMATICALLY fill out part of the time sheet for you so you could more quickly and easily log the hours and also be reminded of other important tasks you have been doing the past week and that may still need attention?
  • magically know about apointments or meetings that are in your calendar and suggest them to you for easy entry into your time sheet?
  • look like an actual weekly calendar so you'd have a clear overview of how your time was spend this week and also have a feeling of progress throughout the week?
  • work from wherever you were so you could work from home or the office or from any site with an internet connection so you would not need to install any software, keep backups and copy files yourself just to carry your time sheet data around?
  • keep track of what you are working on like a stopwatch so you'd actually keep track of the real time and not some sort of fictional and conveniently rounded number?
  • export to pdf or excel?

try 14dayz online time sheet now

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